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Winter Percussion Update

The Marching Percussion Staff is excited about the 2024 Marching Band season!  For new members, welcome, and returning members welcome back!  We wanted to share some important dates and details about what this winter/spring will hold for the 2024 Scioto Drumline!  

2023 Seniors/families, there is still some info in this update for you, so please read it all!  

Returning Members/families, our schedule may look different from years past.  Please read the whole update thoroughly, as it contains a lot of very important information. 

New Members/families, the majority of this information is for you!  Please read it all thoroughly! 

For New Members/Families:

  • The Scioto Drumline is comprised of 2 segments: the Battery (Snares, Tenors, and Bass Drums) and the Front Ensemble/Pit (Mallet Percussion, Auxiliary Percussion, Cymbals)

  • The Battery is the group that marches on the field during the competition show.

  • The Front Ensemble is the group that plays at the front of the field during the show, and marches cymbals at football games.

  • NO SECTION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANOTHER.  We are one Scioto Drumline, not 2 separate sections.  We rehearse together, go to events together, etc.

  • The Scioto Drumline is instructed primarily by two individuals who work with both sections: Mr. Nick Berkebile and Mr. Brian Vogt.  We are going into our 7th season as an instructional team.

For ALL Members

AT ALL MEETINGS members should have:

  • A 1-inch binder for music (Returning Members: please have this binder be SEPARATE from your concert band binder)

  • Plastic sheet protectors to keep music in.

  • A pencil!!!

  • A Water Bottle (normal size is fine for winter/spring, but you will want at least a half-gallon jug for summer)

  • Wear appropriate athletic shoes (NO flip-flops, CROCS, hiking boots, vans, converse, etc.)

  • Wear appropriate, loose-fitting, "athletic style" clothing.  NO JEANS! (Especially important for the late spring/summer meetings as we will start learning marching fundamentals!

Parents/Guardians: When the time comes, please consider volunteering for "Pit Crew," even if your student isn't in the pit. We are one Scioto Drumline family and the pit requires a lot of assistance getting set up at shows.  They greatly appreciate your help! The pros include getting into shows for FREE and seeing your student perform up close!


St. Patrick's Day Parade Sectionals:

  • February 20, 27, and March 5 from 5:30-6:30

  • 2023 Members ONLY, no new members, please!

  • We will only work on music for the St. Patrick's Day Parade since some members are not in class to work on it during 5th period.

Drumline Clinics:

  • Optional, but highly encouraged

  • Starting TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20

  • Every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 (should not conflict with winter/spring sports practices)

  • NO CLINICS on 3/12, and 3/19 due to Spring Break and Concert conflicts

  • We will work on the fundamentals of playing and start learning some material for the fall!

  • Returning Members: Audition excerpts will likely be handed out at these clinics.  If you want more time to prepare, come to the clinics!

  • Once "Audition Week" is over, clinics will shift to more focused preparation for the fall.

Drumline Audition Week:

  • ATTENDANCE REQUIRED for membership in the 2024 Scioto Drumline

  • MARCH 25-29 from 6:30-8:00 PM

  • This is when positions for the fall will be chosen

  • If you cannot come to clinics, this is your chance to catch up.  We will cover everything that was covered at the clinics during the week.

  • Any returning member who wishes to CHANGE sections is REQUIRED to formally audition during this week.  Auditions will take place on Friday, March 29.

  • The audition will consist of 3 segments: Warm-up exercises and a prepared excerpt that will be announced/given out on Monday, as well as a sightreading. Memorization of the warm-ups and prepared excerpts are required!  You may audition for multiple different sections, but that means memorizing different warm-ups and excerpts! Pit auditions will likely include memorized major scales through 4 flats/sharps. (C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, G, D, A, E).

  • New members will not be required to formally audition.  They will be evaluated by the staff over the week and placed where the staff thinks they will be most successful.

  • The number of spots in the battery (Snare, Tenors, Bass Drum) is LIMITED by the number of winds in the band.  If you do not get placed in the battery, it does not close the door on that forever.  Numbers and needs change every year!

  • If you cannot attend Audition Week but are still planning on being in the 2024 Marching Band, PLEASE contact a Scioto Band staff member ASAP.  We will likely need to make alternate arrangements to evaluate you for placement.

Summer Sectionals:

  • Optional, but highly encouraged!

  • Dates and Times TBD (Dates will be finalized shortly after the full band summer schedule is released)

  • Typically 3 hours.  The first 1.5 hours are Pit music and Battery Marching/Physical Training.  The second 1.5 hours is Battery music.  Pit commitment is 1.5 hours per week, Battery is 3 hours per week.

  • Covered material will include developing playing/marching fundamentals and preparing music for the fall.

We are excited to have you join us this season!  If you have any questions please reach out to Mr. Doherty (, Mrs. Ewing (, or Mr. Berkebile (, and we would be happy to assist you!  

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