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Marching Band 2023

Welcome to our new website! This page will be the hub for all band information. We have several updates for you about our busy month! Please check the calendar tab for the most up-to-date information on our schedule. Please note, the NYC/Philadelphia meeting has been moved to 4/4.

Leadership events kick off today! These are open to any band member grades 9-11, even if you're not applying to be a leader. Join us as we work together to make the band a great place to be!

  • Leadership Seminars — 3/28 & 3/30 — 3:00-3:45

  • Leadership Service Day — 4/3 — 3:00-4:30

The 2023 Season Kick-Off Party is Thursday, April 6th. This is the first event for the 2023 marching band season. Join us for a fun night where we meet the new members, get to know each other, and most importantly, reveal the 2023 show!

2023 Marching Band Registration is live! Please visit the band camp tab to register for the 2023 season. The registration form and $100 band camp deposit is due by April 12th. If you need to alter the payment schedule to fit your families needs, please email Mr. Doherty at to setup a plan.

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