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Davis & Scioto Concert Details


  • The concert is at 7:30p at Davis MS in the gym

  • Attire is "Concert black."

    • What is Concert Black? Students should assemble their outfits using the following guidelines:

    • Black dress pants, slacks, skirt, or dress (skirt length is at the knee or longer)

      • If wearing a skirt, please wear black tights or hose.

    • If appropriate, wear a black belt with your pants/slacks, etc.

    • Black dress shirt, blouse, or dress (avoid particularly low necklines)

    • Black socks or black opaque stockings/tights

    • Black dress shoes (heels are not recommended, particularly for performers who stand to perform)

    • Jewelry is permitted, but should not be prominent. Keep it understated

    • Good hygiene is expected. Shower. Wear deodorant. Make your hair look nice, etc.

    • What is not Concert Black?

      • Please avoid the following items, even if they are black:

  • Jeans, sweats, warm-up pants, yoga pants, leggings, miniskirts, or shorts

  • T-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, or crop tops

  • Flip-flops, slippers, sports shoes, sneakers, black shoes with colored stripes or logos

  • White socks, colored socks, bare legs, or bare feet

  • Flashy jewelry, large chains, big earrings, etc.

  • Concert Black Example


  • 3:00-4:30 — Percussion Ensemble Practice & Pack (percussion only)

  • 6:00 — Percussion (and/or volunteers) report to Scioto to load truck

  • 6:40 — All members report to Davis MS choir room

  • 7:20 — Doors open

  • 7:30 — Concert Starts

  • 8:30 — Concert ends, tear down, load the truck


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