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9/5 Tuesday Sheet

Fund Drive

  • The Fund Drive is This Thursday! This is a mandatory event for band members. We are in desperate need of drivers! Drivers take our students along the routes to collect donations. The more drivers we have, the more donations we can collect! Please click this link to join us for this quick, easy, and extremely helpful fundraiser!

  • Itinerary

    • 5:00 — Rehearsal ends, dinner provided by the Dublin Music Boosters

    • 5:45 — Drivers report to Scioto and meet with their groups

    • 6:00 — Groups are sent out into the community

    • 8:00 — All groups must have returned to Scioto to drop off money, students are dismissed, we will likely be done earlier

  • Food

    • The Dublin Music Boosters will provide hot dogs (vegan and vegetarian options,) chips, brownies, gluten free Oreos, and lemonade/water. If you don't like the options provided, please pack a dinner. You will not have time to leave to get food and come back.

Friday Nights

9/8 @ Westerville South


  • 3:00-4:00 — E3 Closed

  • 4:15 — Report to Scioto in summer uniform

  • 5:30 — Depart for Westerville South HS

  • 6:00 — Arrive at Westerville South HS

  • 7:00 — Kickoff

  • 9:30 — Anticipated end time

  • 10:20 — Anticipated return to Scioto

  • We will not know our exact return time, students should call you (not text!) when we arrive to school. We do not have a way to contact all of our families at once, so please keep an eye out for a phone call at this time. Students will need to unload their equipment, but should be ready to leave by the time you arrive at school.


  • The weather has changed a number of times for this week. If it is cool enough, we will wear full uniforms for this game. Please be sure that your full uniform and summer uniform are ready to go for this Friday!

  • All members should try on their full uniform and let us know if there are any issues.

  • Away games are a great chance to see your child perform! You can purchase tickets at the gate to any away game. We recommend sitting in the away stands for the first two quarters and moving to the home stands for the halftime show!

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