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9/26 Tuesday Sheet

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

We hope everyone had a great time at homecoming! It's a busy week for the band, please carefully review the information below

9/29 @ Franklin Heights


  • 4:15 — Report to Scioto

  • 5:30 — Depart for Franklin Heights

  • 6:00 — Arrive at Franklin Heights

  • 7:00 — Kickoff

  • 9:30 — Anticipated end time

  • 10:00 — Depart for Dublin Scioto

  • 10:30 — Arrive at Dublin Scioto

  • 11:00 — Go to bed and get a good night's rest :)


  • We will wear our contest uniforms for this performance. Remember to bring tall black athletic socks, compression/tight fitting shorts, a black t shirt/undershirt, and your gloves. No jewelry is permitted in uniform. Hair must be pulled up and off your collar at all times.

  • We will have the students call home when we are arriving at school. Since we have a late return time on Friday and an early report time Saturday, please help them get to bed early on Friday night :)

9/30 OMEA Watkins Memorial and OMEA Northwestern


  • 7:30a — Report to Dublin Scioto for warm-up and instrument loading

  • 8:50a — Depart for Watkins Memorial HS

  • 9:40a — Arrive at Watkins Memorial HS

  • 10:40 — Warm Up

  • 11:30a — Have a Superior Performance!

  • 12:20p — Awards

  • 1:15p — Depart for Dublin Scioto

  • 2:00p — Arrive at Scioto for lunch

  • 3:30p — Depart for Northwestern HS

  • 4:40p — Arrive at Northwestern HS

  • 5:40p — Warm Up

  • 6:30p — Have a Superior Performance!

  • 7:45p — Awards

  • 8:30p — Depart for Dublin Scioto

  • 9:45p — Arrive at Dublin Scioto


  • Food

    • Dublin Music Boosters and our Hospitality Committee will provide a snack after the performance and lunch when we return to Scioto in the middle of the day. There are also concessions at each event if you'd like to get snacks there.a

    • A huge thank you to Anna's Greek Cuisine for donating this week's lunch!

  • Travel

    • Due to the timing of the competitions, this weekend looks a bit different! Our report time is early on Saturday, so please get a good night's rest when you get home from the game. We will do a short warm-up to get our minds right, then head out to the first show!

    • On a typical double competition day, we will have lunch at the show site, however, we have enough time to return to the school for lunch. Student's will not be released at this time and are not permitted to leave.

    • We will head out to the second competition after we finish lunch and a little bit of relaxation time!


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