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8/15 Tuesday Sheet

Welcome to the first Tuesday Sheet of the year! Please see below for important information for this week in band.

This Week's Rehearsal Schedule

  • Tuesday 8/15

    • 3-6p — Full Ensemble

  • Thursday 8/17

    • 3-5:30p — Full Ensemble

    • 5:30p — Fundraiser Kick-off, parents/families welcome to attend! The money raised from this fundraiser will go towards the NYC/PHILA trip.

After-School Practice Reminders

  • All after-school rehearsals are mandatory. Please refrain from scheduling doctors appointments, birthday dinners, visits with extended family, etc. during rehearsal times. Our activity is very unique. We rely on the presence of every member to be successful and absences have a large negative impact on what we can do. We know that in some cases, it is unavoidable, but we ask that you do your best to get your child to rehearsal.

    • Monday — Full Ensemble, 3-6p

    • Tuesday — Winds, 3-5p

    • Wednesday — Percussion 3:30-5:30, Guard 5-7:30

    • Thursday — Full Ensemble, 3-6p

We Need Your Help!

  • Please visit our new volunteer sign-up platform called "Sign-Up" to volunteer for fall band events! We need volunteers to work in the concession stand for home fall sporting events, bus chaperones, field crew, and more! We can't have a season without the help of our dedicated volunteers. Please consider spending a night in the concession stand or riding with us to a competition, it means so much to our students and our program!

  • The annual DMB Fund Drive is Thursday September 7th. Last year, the Fund Drive raised well over $30,000(!) to support music in Dublin City Schools! We will have more information as we get closer to the event, but we will need drivers, counters, and help organizing food. If you're available, please let us know!

8/18 @ Grove City


  • 3:00-4:00

    • E2 and E3 will be closed. All students must exit the building. Typically, each section will arrange for food on their own. This could be delivered to the school, packed, or picked up. This is not a requirement, but it is a fun bonding opportunity for the band members!

  • 4:15 — Report to Scioto in summer uniform

  • 5:30 — Depart for Grove City High School

  • 6:00 — Arrive at Grove City High School

  • 7:00 — Kickoff

  • 9:30 — Anticipated end time

  • 10:20 — Anticipated return to Scioto

    • We will not know our exact return time, students should call you (not text!) when we arrive to school. We do not have a way to contact all of our families at once, so please keep an eye out for a phone call at this time. Students will need to unload their equipment, but should be ready to leave by the time you arrive at school.


  • We will wear summer uniforms for this week's game. This is black shoes (marching shoes if you have them,) grey shorts and green polo.

  • At every football game, the students will have 3rd quarter off. Students can say hi to family, get food from the concessions, and meet the other band. However, visitors are not allowed at the band stands at any point in the game. Students must be in their seats with one minute remaining in 3rd quarter.

  • Away games are a great chance to see your child perform! You can purchase tickets at the gate to any away game. We recommend sitting in the away stands for the first two quarters and moving to the home stands for the halftime show!

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